Thursday, 5 March 2009

Does Good Sex Begin in your 30's?

We can all remember the initial sexual encounters we had, blind fumblings, awkward sex & no real knowledge yet of how to please yourself or others.

I may have been fitter, firmer & partaking in more recreational sex in my twenties but in retrospect was I having more fun?

The answer has to be no, so why am I finding sex in my thirties more satisfying than at any other time?

Yes our bodies are not what they used to be but they are relatively fit & firm & strangely we feel more confident about our bits. Our erogenous zones seem more responsive but then we know the right buttons to press. A mixture of long & short term sexual relationships has given us a knowledge & experience to understand what we want in bed. We have experience of pleasing ourselves & are not afraid to use sex toys alone or in relationships. Overall we know that faking orgasms & emulating the feigned porn star levels of sexual enjoyment in the bedroom aren't what makes for a satisfying sexual experience.

More Mrs Robinson than Bridget Jones, a thirty something woman knows exactly what she wants & boy do we know how to get it!

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Primrose Path said...

You are right on with this! I couldn't have said it better. :)

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